Review Of New Short Film From “Learning Curve” Producer Phree Swearingen

This is not “Matthew Gray Gubler” news, but since it’s a friend of Matthew’s, we will post it all the same. Phree Swearingen, producer of “The Learning Curve” which starred Matthew has another short film making the festival rounds. It’s called “What’s Eating Pee Pee Wong“.

15 years after tragedy sends him into depression, Pee Pee Wong (Andreas Beckett), the world’s ex-top gunslinger is abruptly met with his past. Will he be able to conquer his fears and protect ‘The Last House of Super Sexy, Barely Clothed, Drug Guzzling Nymphomaniacs’ from his savage arc nemesis Wong Wong Pee (Johnny Christos) and his gang of horny ruffians? ‘What’s Eating Pee Pee Wong?’ takes you into the wild west like never before in writer/director Phree Swearingen’s latest philm.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see this film, and here is my take on “Pee Pee Wong”

What’s Eating Pee Pee Wong
As the film begins, we see former gun slinger Pee Pee Wong chopping wood on a sunny day. He hear’s horses and along comes Wong Pee Pee and his band of Horny Ruffians.

Wong Pee Pee taunts Pee Pee Wong about being the former “finest gun slinger in town”. Pee Pee Wong reaches for his tomahawk where his gun should be but can’t bring himself to use it. Wong Pee Pee says “anytime anywhere” and lets him know they will be just up the road at the “The Last House of Super Sexy, Barely Clothed, Drug Guzzling Nymphomaniacs”.

He throws his gun down at Pee Pee Wong’s feet and goads him into using it but he can’t bring himself to touch it. After the men leave, he begins flashing back to what caused his fear of firearms. He decides to bury it in his yard.

As he is digging the “Grave”, Rosa Best Pussy stumbles upon his ranch. They enter his barn to “talk a bit” and Rosa says that they are in trouble and need his assistance. Pee Pee Wong says he cannot help them and Rosa leaves alone.

He wakes up from a drunken stupor and finds a book with a bullet hole in it. He begins to flashback to 15 years earlier. We see him led out of the bar by Wong Pee Pee, blindfolded, in front of a group young girls reading. He starts shooting and when the blindfold is removed he sees that he has killed them. Horrified, he drops his gun. Wong Pee Pee picks it up in triumph! Pee Pee Wong knows he must go save the women.

We cut to the ladies in the house, playing with their toys, and getting high, when Rosa comes in to alert them that she could not secure protection for them. Pee Pee Wong, sneaks into town and is able to climb through the window to defend the girls. 

Pee Pee Wong sees the bullet hanging from Rosa’s neck and realizes she was there when he fired at the young girls. He then knows that they survived. Rosa and the girls forgive him for that event.

The Ruffians break into the house, and Pee Pee Wong is ready for battle. Pee Pee takes out Wong Pee Pee’s subordinates, and Wong using some “unusual weapons ;). The ladies are grateful and ask Pee Pee to stay with them.

Pee Pee joins the ladies in their covered wagon to enjoy some herbal refreshment, and they come across two cowboys harming a dog. He quickly takes care of them and brings the dog back for the ladies. They reward him in their own loving way. It is assumed they live happily ever after.

Pee Pee Wong shows a young man conquering his fears, defeating his enemy, and saving the woman he love’s. My son said it was fun and entertaining, especially the battle between Pee Pee Wong and the Ruffians ;). A creative take on the normal western that had him and his friends laughing throughout! If you like film’s like “Machte”, you need to see this! If it is playing at a film festival near you, be sure to check it out!!!

“What’s Eating Pee Pee Wong has been making the Film Festival rounds. It played at the DC Independent Film Festival, and won the Audience Choice Award at Portland’s Faux Film Festival. At the Studio City Film Fest it premiered and won Best Short Film and Johnny Christos won best actor in a short film. It will also be screened at the Seattle True Independant Film Festival on May 7th!

I urge you to visit Phree’s Go Fund Me  page. Help Phree bring us more quality entertainment like  “The Learning Curve” and “What’s Eating Pee Pee Wong”. No donation is too big or too small.



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